Red Flag Signs for Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women choose to increase the size of their breasts.But, Why do some women opt for breast reduction surgery?
Macromastia /gigantomastia is a condition seen in few women where the breasts are bigger than they are supposed to be.
The heavy and sagging breasts causes discomfort and pain for these women.
These are the many reasons for a woman to undergo the breast reduction procedure.
The effects of large and heavy breasts are;
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
  • Postural problems
  • Skin problems and
  • Psychosocial issues
A. What is Breast reduction Surgery?
 It is a procedure in which, the excess fat, breast tissue and the stretched skin are removed. This helps in reducing the size and weight of the breasts.The added bonus to this procedure is breast lift. This surgery should be done by a board certified plastic surgeron with experience in cosmetic surgery.
B. What are the advantages of the Breast reduction surgery?
1. Relief from Pain:
As the excess breast tissue is removed during the surgery, the weight is taken off from the Neck, Shoulders and the Back.
There will be an instant relief from that heavy weight after the procedure and there wont be any digging of the bra straps.
2. Posture improvement:
Heavier and larger breasts are not only uncomfortable. They can also cause women to bend/hunch leading to bending of spine over time. With the breast reduction surgery, you can improve the posture during sitting/ standing.
3. Physical activity becomes easier
 The size and weight of the breasts limit the mobility during the physical activity.
you can loose your balance while Yoga/ Swimming due to the heavy weight on the chest. After breast reduction surgery,you can get a perfect fitting sports bra and your physical activity will improve a lot better. This helps to maintain your body shape and healthy life style.
4. Proportionate Body Shape:
A beautiful body shape is the one which is proportionate. Heavy breasts brings attention to your chest area and makes you look out of proportion. This procedure gives you a better breast size and shape proportionate to your body.
5. Diverse Range of Wardrobe Options:
Heavier breasts limits the wardrobe choices and the type of clothes.Sometimes, Bra straps keep digging into your shoulders and cause skin issues. The proportionate breasts give you a wider range of wardrobe options and you wont face any difficulty in choosing the perfect outfit. A one time investment on breast reduction surgery is a lot better than struggling with limited wardrobe options all the time.
6.Youthful Breasts:
As the excess breast tissue is removed, the sagging and excess skin is also removed and redraped over the breast tissue. This gives a lifted and perkier breasts which is a sign of youthfulness.
7. Psychosocial Improvement:
Most of the women feel uncomfortable with the heavy breasts as this cause low self esteem. These women face difficulty in socialising or bullying from peers. With this surgery, your breast will become less prominent and you can gain your confidence back.
C. Who can undergo this procedure?
Women of age above 18 years can undergo breast reduction surgery. Marital status does not limit you to undergo breast reduction surgery.
D. What are the Post-operative measures after breast reduction surgery?
  1. Compression garment is to be worn for atleast 6 weeks through out day and night, This garments helps in decreasing swelling, prevent blood clots formation and fastens recovery process.
  2. Daily activities can be resumed from the immediate day.
  3. Physical activity can bre resumed after 3-4 weeks.
E. Does this surgery affect lactation?
Lactation is possible after breast reduction surgery as some of the breast tissue and milk ducts are preserved, though the amount of the milk is reduced.
F. Is the nipple sensation affected with the surgery?
There will be temporary reduction in the sensation , which will improve over time of a year,  as most of the times nipple areola is just rotated and moved upwards. Very rarely if the breasts are enormously large, Nipple and areola are removed and reattached completely. In such cases, nipple sensation is affected.
G. Can this surgery correct the breast asymmetry?
Yes, this procedure corrects the asymmetrical breasts and brings them back to symmetrical shape. This is the another advantage of this surgery. This helps in better fitting of the undergarments.
H. How long is the healing period?
Most of the healing occurs in the first 2-3 weeks. Further healing occurs gradually during the course of next 1-2 months.
I. Does this surgery increases the risk of breast cancer?
No, In the contrary risk of getting a breast cancer is less. This is due to the lesser amount of remnant breast tissue after breast reduction surgery.
To conclude, Breast reduction surgery is the perfect option for the women suffering from Macromastia/ Gigantomastia.
Author Name: Dr. K. B. Lakshmi

Author Name: Dr. K. B. Lakshmi

A board certified Plastic Surgeon, holds specialised training in Aesthetic/ Cosmetic Surgery. Being graduated in MBBS and General Surgery from NTR university of health sciences.

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